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Hiking Gear for Wild Camping (Guide) (UPDATED)


Essential Gear for Wild Campers

If you're looking to go wild camping especially in the UK or USA, then there's a few things you must know before setting out to go and wild camp. 

Whether it's staying protected from the mosquitoes or whether its having the necessary equipment such as a a lightweight camping stove, you need to know a few things before setting out.

Only pack the essentials..

So you've just got into camping / hiking or wild camping, and there's an amazing world infront of you. So whats the first thing you do? Usually its going out and getting yourself all the latest and greatest camping gear, and this can be costly. 

When you're going wild camping, you really dont need much, you need a good quality hiking backpack, tent, sleeping bag, stove & some food, along with a few other luxury items and you're ready to go. 

So what are the key pieces on your wild camping kit list that you need to take with you? 

1. Hiking Backpack

Almost essential in the world of wild camping, the hiking backback / rucksack is an absolute must if you're looking to take a significant amount of gear and have all of your belongings nicely tucked away. 

We would recommend generally sticking to the top brands, such as the Osprey featured above ^ 

2. Tent

Perhaps the most essential piece of kit on this list..

You need shelter, and you need protection from the elements, and having a good quality tent will provide you with the shelter you need to have a "peaceful" nights sleep. 

We would recommend sticking with the bigger brands of the camping tent world, such as Vango, MSR & Coleman.

3. Sleeping Bag

Having a sleeping bag along with a sleeping pad is also one of the best ideas for wild camping. Depending on where you pitch your tent, you may be on a particularly cold piece of land, and having a sleeping pad/mat along with a down sleeping bag will make all the difference. 

Having a sleeping pad between you and the groundsheet of your tent will make sure that your heat is not absorbed into the ground below and that you remain insulated throughout your wild camping experience.